Starfish Beach Decor

Author: admin   Date Posted: 1 November 2014 

Starfish, the decorators friend. Starfish decorations should always be a part of any beach or coastal theme makeover.

Amoung the most interesting products to use in beach decor designs I think the starfish is one of the most elegant and lasting images available.

Coastal Designs Decor have just added several new starfish designs to their beach decor collection of decorative accesories. Perhaps the most interesting are the two extra large starfish which can make elegant centrepieces adding a cool and casual yet stylish look to any arrangement.

Large 34cm  hanging starfishThe largest sized new starfish is a huge 38cm diameter. The next size down is still quite large at 34 cm diameter and hanging from a rope.

Other new additions include two small to medium sized sets of starfish tied with string, which can complement many home decorations sucessfully and be a usefull part of any home makeover in a coastal theme.

Coastal Designs Decor actually have quite a few decorative peices of either starfish, starfish garlands, or starfish adorned products. ( search for starfish in the search box at the top of any page). As at the time of this article their were 4 pages of results. A large number of our photo frames have starfish adornments.

Take a little bit of the coast home with you this holiday season with a home makeover using the budget priced coastal theme or beach theme decor products fom Coastal Designs Decor. Many DIY decorations start with a beach decor theme. So you can start with the Starfish Home Decor category in our online store.