Official Volkswagen USB Flash Drives

Author: admin   Date Posted: 16 December 2014 

An Ideal gift for any Computer user as the classic volkswagens are well loved universally for their retro charm Get a useful gift that everyone needs , a USB drive in a great looking vintage car with headlights on when data is being transferred

VW Kombi and Volkswagen Beetles in large 16GB USB Drives

Volkswagen-USB-driveEach vehicle also comes in the colour Pink. These minature vehicles all have a Retractable USB plug and illuminating headlights. and will fit any computer (up to about 20 years old)

Buy a USB flash drive, its cleverly concealed inside the trunk, and when the unit is plugged into the USB port of a computer, the headlights light up.

These are officially licensed Volkswagen Kombi replicas,  true to scale, and have detail features such as transparent windows, rotatable wheels, and illuminating headlights. This new series of USB models, licensed by Volkswagen GmbH have the finer details such as chrome bumper and wheels. Memory size is a large 16GB

Ideal decor and gift

A Classic Volkswagen in a large 16GB USB 2.0 Flash drive or Jump Drive is ideal for desktop decor and transferring of large files like movies. Maybe you could load it up with some selfies, a video clip or movies or music as part of your gift.

The Volkswagen Kombi Bus and VW Beetle are classic cars globally. They have stared in many movies, advertisements, home decorations and photo shoots as a classic car with surfboards and is loved by all for its unique style and its renowned reliability and famous rear engine. The VW Kombi & Beetle remain the ultimate retro decorations today.


USB flash drive specifications:

Volkswagen Kombi USB drive

The Volkswagen USB drive Lights up when plugged in. It has USB 2.0 compliance support, plug and play

– Transferring rate up to 480Mbit per second
– 10 years data retention
– Minimum system requirements: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
– Large Drive size 16GB
– Kombi Product size (mm): 69(L) x 26(W) x 32(H) Beetle shape marginally smaller.
- Fits all USB Ports
(Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is an industry standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in a bus for connection, communication, and power supply between computers and electronic devices).

Licensed Products

These USB Flash drives are licensed Volkswagen T1 replicas. The USB flash drive replica is accurate to the smallest detail exceeding the expectation of worldwide fans. Officially licensed by Volkswagen GmbH.


Volkswagen USB PackagingEach unit comes in a display pack box that not only shows off the product Package Imagesbut also shows off the product with full products specifications. The side of the box shows images of the product and how the USB drive is  used.





Product Display BoxRetailers who purchase an inner box of 6, will not only receive a discount but will also receive them in a coloured box that converts to a counter top display box that shows off and explains the product. These high speed jump drives or USB drives will fit any PC or laptop with a USB port (standard in all PC and laptops for over 20 years) and have a huge 16GB storage capacity, so they make a usefull yet interesting & nostalgic gift for almost anyone that uses computers.

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