Order with your smartphone

Author: admin   Date Posted: 24 July 2014 

When you have a moment, anytime, anywhere, you can order at Coastaldesigns.com.au At Coastal Designs Decor our website is smartphone ready. It will allow you to order with normal sized view with your phone.

Order products online anytime from anywhere with a smartphoneNow you can order anytime of the day or night from anywhere that your smartphone gets signal. Smartphone shopping or iphone browsing comes to Coastal Designs Decor.

The Coastal Designs Decor website (coastadesigns.com.au) now responds to your device with a special template for smart phones like iphone, that not only allows you to see the important menu links and categories but allows you to view product images in full screen for your smart phone device.

Another feature for busy people is the link on the "account" page that shows all of the items you have ordered in the past so that you can quickly compile a re-order.

With older website designs it can be totally frustrating to try to motor around the site with a small smartphone screen.The smartphone template on coastaldesigns.com.au shows all of the features of the website, but just lists them in a longer page so that you can view them in optimum size with your smartphone.

Hope you like it. We would be pleased to hear your feedback.