Monthly Specials 40% OFF Coastal Decor

Author: Shane   Date Posted: 10 August 2014 

Bargains for savy customers who keep checking our website

Coastal Designs Decor have just added an online Monthly Specials page to our website categories. (Its the last category in the left menu highlighted in red)

This new category page gathers all of the current online specials on to one page, so that buyers can see them all quickly.
We are rather pleased with this website change as we previously only had the first 8 Specials showing in the right hand column of the information pages and our regulars might miss some if we have more than 8 on special.

To celebrate the new Specials page we are offering 14 new Specials until the end of August at a huge 40% OFF Get Some Now?

Specials Prices are offered as an inducement for buyers to learn to order through the website using your PC or your smartphone and so save us administration costs. Specials prices only apply to orders made through this site, and only during the peiod of the offer. (Not to;- mail orders, phone orders or email orders or fax orders, or trade fair orders or agent orders). These online Specials are separate to any other special offers made though our agents or through any trade fair event.

If your add a product that is on Special to your cart, it will be added at the Special price if you check out before the expiry date. (Registered Wholesaler Buyers need to log-in to see the specials at wholesale prices.)

When an item is placed on Special (usually at a certain percentage off) it has "From" and "To" dates attached to the discount (separate for each item so they may have different expiry dates which are shown on each product's detail page). The discounted price automatically expires when that date and time ticks over. So there are no rain checks. Once discount period has expired the product automatically returns to the normal price. If you order it late or check out after the expiry date you wont get the Special price.


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