Coloured Bottles with Shells

Author: Aniko   Date Posted: 23 May 2014 

Attractive Decor doesnt always have to be expensine: Decorating with coloured bottles and shells

Decorating with Coloured Bottles and Shells
Here is a nice group of turquoise blue bottles from our new collection of message or decorator coloured bottles with shells. Blue is always a great colour to combine with other coastal theme decor, as the sky and the ocean present a wide pallet of blues & whites in coastal life.
Send a message in a bottle

I quite like decorating with stylish old bottles as they are fun things to collect and these bottles with shell adornment reproductions are interesting and very attractive as a cluster as well as suitable for separately adding interest to other decor.
A bottle on a wooden window sill, really feels crafty, casual and coastal, particularly when combined with shells. I think it is just the charm of the glass with slight imperfections and tiny bubbles that make them eternally popular in home decor.
Every bottle is different and all shells are unique with the old twine combining to make each piece a one of a kind and sophisticated vintage glass style decoration.
 Bottles with shells
The cork stoppers are all adorned with individual shells glued on. Shell adorned bottles from this collection could be used for message bottles or in wedding table decoration and remain a great memory of the event to have around your home.
These products come packed in a plain white box. If you wish to convert your own vintage bottles, then try some of our shell products