Budget Veranda Decorating ideas

Author: Admin   Date Posted: 18 May 2014 

Let’s look at budget decorating ideas for the veranda or outdoor living area. Australians enjoy wonderful weather for most of the year and spend more time living outdoors, so nice decor for verandas & outdoor living areas is important.

A beautiful friendly veranda or outdoor living area can make any home more attractive spacious and welcoming. Gathering friends or family for a drink or a cuppa or even just a chat, on a welcoming veranda or outdoor living area is a special treat in good weather. So it’s no secret that well designed Australian homes have a veranda or outdoor living area added to enjoy our great weather.
Veranda decorations need to be more UV resistant and able to get a bit of dust wiped off and also should be solid and well fixed to ensure they are not affected by wind damage.
What could be more resilient that good old cast iron or more casual rustic and charming.
Coastal Designs Decor have assembled a small collection of budget  priced cast iron products for the veranda in a coastal theme, Including old fashioned dinner bells or doorbells, welcome signs and coat or hat hooks.
Angelfish dinner bellDinner bells have always been popular on larger properties or big back yards and when you have a crowd over they are very handy to just halt the conversation in a friendly way to announce dinner or otherwise get everyone's attention.
If you have a front porch or front veranda then our cast iron bells make a quaint entry with old fashioned style.
The range has several styles in cast iron bells including a lighthouse, a turtle, starfish and angelfish designs and of course the combined cast iron seahorse doorbell and welcome sign. Other welcome signs include two versions with hat hooks or coat hooks.
Cast iron products from the range are all designed to be screwed onto the wall so they are solid well presented fixtures as well as nice casual or coastal décor presentation.

See the full range at Coastal Designs Decor cast iron veranda collection